10 in 2010

Here’s a recap of the first 10 days in 2010 (in random ass order):
1. 3,250 crunches into the 10,000 crunch challenge…yeah, my abs hurt.
2. 3 times I cried over missing my mom.
3. 40 plus times I’ve listened to Buffet Hotel by Jimmy Buffett.
4. 3 days I’ve worked out.
5. 30 minutes on the treadmill.
6. 6000 words written and only 15,000 left to write in Barfly & 5 blog entries written
7. 10lb weight loss challenge between me and Amy by Feb 14th.
8. $100 spent on Rangers & Red Wings shirts
9. 2 Checkers game attended and they won both games
10. 1 book bought & 1 movie watched (Daybreakers – good movie)
Listening to “Drowning (Face Down)” by Saving Abel

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