Time to Weed & Declutter

I’ve had this nagging thing in the back of head. I wasn’t able to place it, but something was bothering me. I had no clue to as what it could be though. Gradually over the last two weeks, the nagging thing has revealed itself…time to weed & declutter.

Weed? As in the yard? No, time to weed the garden of my life. It’s time to cut the people who call/email/text when they want something. It’s time to cut the Negative Nancys and Piss Poor Attiutude Paulies. It’s time toss that dress with the tags I bought 5 years ago. Throw away all the single socks in hopes that its mate returns. I also need to toss all those lids that don’t have bottoms and all those containers that don’t have lids.

It’s time to let go and clean out my life.

Starting today, I am “detoxing” myself of alcohol until July 1st. I need my liver to heal and let’s be honest, it needs a break from the booze. I started exercising…I only need to do 30 days to make it habit right? I’ve not no excuse for the way my body looks other than I abuse the fuck out of it. While I’m cleaning out my body, I’ll treat it like a temple instead of like a tent.

Then this weekend, I’m tackling the clutter, the closet, and the crap that never gets touched or worn in 6 months. If I haven’t worn it, looked at it, unfolded, into the bin for charity it goes.

I will also do what Suzanne did, I will weed Facebook out to the those that I actually care about. Do I really need 4000 plus friends (not that I have that many after gutting FB a few months ago)? No, I don’t. I really don’t keep in touch with anyone in FB land. Those I do keep in touch with, I talk to via email/text/Twitter on a regular basis. That high school friend I remeet at the reunion…we don’t talk any more than we did before the reunion. That work associate, we don’t keep in touch the moment they moved.

So it’s time…it’s time to do a little life cleaning…

I’ll cherish those that keep a lot more. Make time for them. Make time for myself. I’ll be happier come Monday, June 6th.

Listening to “Closer To The Edge” by 30 Seconds to Mars


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