I’m sitting on the beach…BONDI BEACH… @ 938 pm… I think the girls and I have had our 1st unofficial fight which wasnt even a fight. Weird I know

Also forgive the spelling…I just did 2 back to back shots which were WONDERFUL – vodka and pear and vodka and passion fruit(?). Who knows? Who cares?

And do you know what’s fucking amazing…the night sky. I see Orion or I think it’s him…

Again…in the words of Buffett…I don’t know, I don’t care

The waves are ripping right now. The fear and awe of them make me want to sit and just be memorized by them. Mother Nature at her most beautiful but at her scariest.

I so wish Riley, my oldest niece, was with me right now. She would appreciate the wonder and beauty…

Yes, these are random thoughts from a slightly inebriated American in a country and continent that is not her own….

But oddly…or not so oddly…like Key West…my soul felt at peace here. I knew I had to come here. I knew I had live and breath here…

It’s so crazy for those that don’t know me or understand me…but home for me is where my where my soul feels at peace…where I look up and I see the Heavens and the Universe shining down on me.

I could move here and expatriate myself from my life and be ok with it…

It is what it is…


And then there is this amazing little fellow I sat down next to…

Posted @ 11pm


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