01.15.12 – Song of the Day: “Pizza and Wine” by Marvelous 3

This song is nothing more than my final hooray to life as I know it.

Life as I know it?

Today, I finished my day with pizza and wine. Tomorrow, I start my 12 week transformation. I am focusing on dropping some weight, getting in shape, and taking care of myself in healthy lifestyle.

Granted, it’s going to be hard as hell. I picked 12 weeks of probably the busiest in 2012. I have a cruise I’m going on in Feb, events I’m working for the station, a concert in ATL, and so on. I just have to stay committed to myself.

I haven’t taken care of myself in a while and now it’s time. So here’s raising the final slice of pizza and wine to the old way of life and a toast to the new way, the better way.

NOTE: Butch Walker is the former lead singer of Marvelous 3 for those who don’t know and this is one of the few You Tube videos I could find of it. He starts singing around the minute mark



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