16 Clefs

02.01.12 – Song of the Day: Walk Away

Today’s song of the day is an oldie but goodie. The band is Cool for August. The song is “Walk Away,” and it is one of my favorite songs from the 90’s.

In fact, as for 90’s artist, if you put on Cool for August, Big Wreck, Sponge, Econoline Crush on, I’ll be happy as a clam in sand!

But back to Cool for August…I always connected to the lyrics:
I will resolve the reason I’m stuck here
And I see the door and its all I ever needed
And the time that you hate to walk away
Because the time that you regret, you walk away

I think the first time I heard the song, I broke down town in tears. I had heard it at a moment where you realize that the relationship or situation you are in was leading to nowhere. Too scared to move. Too scared to leave…even though you needed to take just one step and walk away.

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