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Feeling Blah


This has been a shitty week for me emotionally, mentally and spiritually. It might be remnants of November or it could be this is the week my mama passed away 8 years […]



Spiritually Mentally Emotionally I am tired My mind is tired My soul is exhausted My heart is done I am tired of giving Tired of not receiving Tired of being nothing I […]

October Haikus


It was a bit of a struggle to write haikus this month, but I made it through! You can follow them daily on Twitter. If you missed them or if you’re not on Twitter, […]

The Girl Who Waited


Those fans of Doctor Who will get the “the girl who waited” reference and those don’t watch Doctor Who probably don’t care about the reference. I honestly battled with the title because […]

Ode to Jack Daniel


Not the Tennessee whiskey. The man. The myth. The legend. I awoke today with messages from the other side of the world that one of my life mentors, Jack Daniel, had left […]