Category: Letters to My Nieces

A Day to Be Thankful

Sometimes, you wonder if you make a difference in someone’s life. Especially of a child’s life. More often than not, we let the words that should be said slip into the silence, […]

No Point in Being Grown Up

Image by Theodora Mansueto A reminder to us “adults” to return and be kids sometimes or as the The Bloggess put it, “…the importance of being ridiculously silly whenever possible.”

Crooked Smiles

I’ve had a crooked smile all my life. I use to be embarrassed by it when I was little. Now, I no longer care. Until today. Today, I wear it with pride […]

Making a Difference

Some people have these dreams to be superstars and world famous for something. I wasn’t put on this earth to become the next sensation. I knew I was put on this earth […]