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#02: “Big Western Sky”

SONG: “Big Western Sky” ARTIST: Kik Tracee Going back to the “Music is My God My Best Friend” post again…I wrote: I also read a post from my friend Rob entitled “Hope is Everything” this week. […]

#03: “Drownin'”

SONG: “Drownin’” ARTIST: Sponge In a February 5, 2012 post titled “Music is My God My Best Friend”, I wrote In 1994, Rotting Piñata from Sponge was released and it had the radio […]

#04: “Maybe Tomorrow”

SONG: “Maybe Tomorrow ARTIST: Stereophonics For me, this song is that hope we all have…”maybe tomorrow…” Maybe tomorrow will be filled with rainbows and unicorns or of love you never thought you’d […]

#07: “11:59”

SONG: “11:59” ARTIST: Michael Franti Back on November 11, 2013, I wrote a post titled “The Song that Opened My Soul” and it was about the power of this song. This is […]

#09: “Forget”

SONG: “Forget” ARTIST: Stokeswood If you know me and you don’t my love and support of STOKESWOOD, then you might not know really know me at all. I knew their EP 2075 was […]