Category: Flash Fiction

The Life


The stake through his heart pierced more than the depths of his soul, it pieced together all of his past lives to this one. Every forgotten memory rushed before his eyes. A […]

Don’t Blink


     Staring at the cream wall in front of her, tears streamed down her face. She was losing her mind. No. She wasn’t losing her mind. She was losing memories of […]

A Late Night Visit

Pushing the glass door open, I smiled at the elderly security guard and walked to where he sat. “I’m here for a meeting with Gray,” I said before he could ask what […]

Alice White

            My name is Alice White and I am a murderer. No, I wasn’t named after the wine. I was named after my great-great grandmother and White is […]

Amor Fati

I remember the exact moment when I stopped believing in God. I was three minutes into my thirtieth birthday when my father passed away. I woke up from a deep sleep and […]

Letting Go

Anna sat starting at the three envelopes and several pieces of blank paper. “Make a mental note to fire yoga instructor,” her brain said to herself. Sighing, she grabbed a pen and […]


“How long has she been out there?” “She’s been waiting since before sunrise,” Celeste said to James as he stared at the window towards Marion. She sat motionless in the lotus position […]

The Blood Moon

    “Barricade the door!” Ray yelled, slamming it shut behind him.     “Give me your knife,” Alice said as a man and woman quickly moved a crate to the doorway.     “Not now […]

Animal Bags

    It started as a typical rainstorm.  There was a slight breeze that carried the scent of the upcoming rain and the distant sound of thunder.  What I didn’t expect was that […]