Lek Taylor

Today @ 12:55 pm, Heaven gained their biggest angel…even if she’s only four nine and weighs in at 85 lbs. Tonight, the heavens shine a lot brighter with their best star in […]

Rise Above It

10:07 pm on a Saturday… I should be living it up right? Partying with friends? Watching my two favorite hockey teams battle it out at my favorite bar on TV? Creating havoc […]

Easily Bruised

This blog entry brought to you by feelings of annoyance. My heart hurts. Not in the mental or emotional heart broken way, but in the physical “could I be having a heart […]

Lucky 13

So my Friday the 13th has been fan-freaking-tastic. Why? 1) a little self pampering with a manicure, pedicure, & eyebrow wax. 2) Lunch and shopping with one of my best friends Kathy […]

This Week

I’m sitting here listening to my iPod & fighting sleep and a tickle in my throat. I will not be sick in Vegas. Do you hear me Universe? I WILL NOT BE […]

Still Moving

Last week, I missed my weekly writing goal by 1,893 words. It was freaking hard to get the 10,007 words that I did write. This week, I’m trying to cram 11,900 words […]

Keep On Keeping On

I didn’t want to write & I didn’t want to workout, but I did both. Wrote 1800 words. It was the hardest 1800 words I’ve written. I had all these mental notes […]