May Haikus

I had more fun this month writing these “western haikus”. Someone asked what inspired them daily and it really depends. Some days I’ll look at a person that’s waiting on the train […]

Bowie Eyes


Bowie eyes wrapped in sin smile dripping with manic evil heart created out of stone soul that enveloped me like a black hole when I met you, a black star tourniquet with […]

In the Void


Lost. Not lost in day dreams. Lost in reality. Not depressed. Not sad. Not happy. Not joyful. Just. In the void. Living Not in the moment. Inhaling Not feeling the air. Exhaling […]

April Haikus


Whether good or bad, observation or feeling, I am still enjoying the challenge of writing “western haikus” every day. You can follow them daily on Twitter. If you missed them or if you’re […]

Meant To


‪eyes that sparkled like stars‬ a fire within that kept him warm in the darkness ‪with ‬a mind of anxiety a sadness that broke his heart never was I meant to discover […]