Two Crows


The photograph by Jessica Sartini of two crows inspired this poem and another I will publish later as it’s not quite finished. When I saw the photo, I absolutely fell in love with […]

Park Bench Blues

Empty park Pigeons chattering What do they say? Are they concerned it’s empty Or do they have no care at all Restless soul A mouse skitters by Running from prey to safety […]

Haikus: January 2017


I was reading “The Portable Jack Kerouac” and stumbled upon his “western haikus” (he kept to the 3 lines vs the traditional 5/7/5 syllables per line). I remember in grade school learning […]

Ghosts on the Train

following my song line-ghosts on a train

An empty sadness filled the train station Maybe the gray clouds filled their souls With a heavy rain of emotions Soulless bodies passed by Ghosts on the transit Were they returning to […]

An Ode to Cameron Crowe

“How you spend this little dance with destiny, that’s up to you but when you find your band, you find your band…” ~ Phil, ROADIES I’ve been searching for the right words to […]