Tag: An Aussie Adventure 2011


This is the view I ended 2011 with and this is the view I started 2012 with. I would not have changed a thing in 2011. If I did, I would not […]

On the Road: Day One

Date: 12.18 AUS Current time: 3:40p We are somewhere on Pacific Highway near Taree. We loaded our gear into our campervan that we have named Gordon or Smelly Ass Gordon. Why smelly? […]

End of Dec 18th

We reached Port Macquarie, a tourist/retirement town. Stores close @ 4 or 5. We got there at 530. We do walk around and take in the pier and water and watched the […]

Chasing Waterfalls

Date in AUS: 12.19 Time: 7:08p Today instead of going to Coffs Harbour we hit Waterfall Way to go see the Dorrigo National Park with a detour via Scenic Route 16. We […]